Contributions to Learning

Throughout this course I have worked to help others in the class not only understand the technology being talked about but also how to use it and how it can be used in the classroom. The first step was to try and answer questions in the chat during class as well as clarify points and other information.

Additionally I worked to find resources that were useful not only for teaching but also generally in the world. Teaching is not just about making sure our students know information but also that they have the life skills required to excel.

Screenshot of an article about employment scams shared in slack

This article is an example of the types of resources I tried to share that were useful for understanding how technology has changed the world. It talks about how when the author went to look for a job they were almost scammed into giving their bank information by someone they thought was trying to hire them. This was new to me I had never heard of someone using job posting and hiring sites to try and scam people looking for jobs. Resources such as this are invaluable when teaching so that students can understand the risks out there and learn how to identify those risks.

A screenshot of a resource shared in slack

I also tried to share resources that made teaching science easier. I know that a lot of people can find science intimidating so providing them resources to make it easier and more understandable helps everyone learn better. The two major ones were bio render seen above which has tons of different icons and images to allow you to create diagrams and presentations to help students understand the topic

A screenshot of a Twitter post sharing an article about making every child a scientist

I also shared articles on Twitter that would help other teachers and my classmates engage their students in science and that had many tips and tricks for teaching science.

A screenshot of a slack conversation

I also send several links to different technology whether it be software or hardware that can help my classmates teach and their students learn such as grammarly. I find that there is a lot of different technology available but it can be very hard to discover. Sharing the resources that we have or know of helps them find a larger audience and also helps people find a new tool or resource that they may have never found themselves.

Screenshot of a slack conversation

As well I tried to help my classmates learn about the tricks their computer can already do but they may not have been aware of. Working for Geek Squad a lot of what I do is knowing which settings are where, what different things mean and that there are better tools for what people want to do. I tried to provide this knowledge to my classmates so that they could benefit and learn new tips and tricks.

Summing it all up

Throughout the course I worked to provide useful resources, tips, tricks and suggestions to not only expand my classmates knowledge but also to help them in their future teaching careers. One of the largest things I have learned in education is that teaching is a collaboration profession. Teachers constantly share resources, ideas, and suggestions. This culture of collaboration is integral to the teaching profession and I did my best to continue this tradition of collaboration within this class.

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