Mr and Mr Smith

Today I am seeing what you can dig up about people online. My target is Adam Smith in our EDTC 300 class. The first place I look is Facebook.

We can see that he is from Regina but that he is currently living in Calgary. (I actually know he is still in Regina so this is one way where cyber sleuthing can easily be foiled by putting the wrong information).

I can also see which schools he went to including the University of Regina. Based off of his profile picture I would assume that he is either a teacher or a professor though based on how old he looks more likely a teacher.

Looking at his Twitter this confirms that he is a teacher and looking to teach Social Studies. From this we can see that he is currently unemployed and he also has a YouTube channel and e-portfolio.

Going back to Facebook we can see that he does not post a lot of pictures since most of these are from 2015. However I am able to determine that he went on a trip to China and based on how old he looks it was most likely a school trip.

However that is about as far as I can get. This is one of the problems with cyber sleuthing. Your target has to have a large online presence or a unique name. With Adam Smith being pretty generic it is tough to find more about him.

Looking at LinkedIn there are a lot of Adam Smith’s and none of them are the one I want. Additionally I was able to find him on Twitter and Facebook because I already knew what Adam looked like and some basic info about him. Although it is easier in this day and age to find information about people not everything is up there and a lot of it can be lost in the deluge of information.

The important thing to think about when wanting to be found online is SEO or search engine optimization. Think about what prospective employers are going to search for when they want to find you and optimize your content to be at the top for that.

One thought on “Mr and Mr Smith

  1. Corey, I think it is very easy to think about what your prospective employers will see before you decide to post something online. However, this is not a huge worry for younger students. So maybe switching the focus from a prospective employer to your grandma, grandpa, parents, teacher, etc. I think we need to switch this idea depending on the age of our students, since it is an incredible way to personalize and connect to the idea of the importance of being appropriate online. Great job with cybersleuthing Adam!


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