Starting an Activity

Now that I have learned how to make a basic user interface it’s time to get the buttons to actually do something. I am following the tutorial provided by Android Developers to build my first app. The goal is to be able to enter text in the text box and then when the send button is hit it opens a new window displaying the text entered.

There was more coding this week than before which was nice and not so nice. It was nice because it let me work on my coding skills. The not so nice part was that my coding skills are not up to scratch and there was a lot of troubleshooting involved. Thankfully Android Studio makes it easy to see where issues are going to arise by underlining in red the different lines or variables that are not defined or in the wrong syntax.

I ran into several bugs trying to run the app. One of these being the activity must be exported or contain an intent-filter. I so far was not able to fix this error and have been unable to run the app. Next week will be about troubleshooting and refining the app so that I am able to run it.

5 thoughts on “Starting an Activity

  1. Corey,
    This is awesome! I personally don’t understand what coding is or how to do it, but I am not “tech-savvy” at all! However, it is super interesting to read about your journey and hiccups.


  2. Hi Corey, I find it interesting to learn that Android Studio will underline issues. If it didn’t you waste so much time trying to decipher what the issue is. I am sure your perseverance will pay off as you continue to troubleshoot.


  3. Corey, what an amazing journey you are on :)! Computer programming is very difficult and I know that you can do this :)! If you need any help or advice I am always available on twitter :)!


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