Just Put it in Your Pocket

Pocket is a read it later service. What this allows you to do is to save articles, videos, stories etc. for later.

Sounds like a bookmark so what’s so special about it? Well where pocket really shines is in several ways. First when you save an item it goes to pocket meaning you can access it on the web or in the app. This syncing makes it easy to view the items on any device you want. Second pocket allows you to view your content even when you are offline. This makes it super useful and allows you to work on your projects anywhere you are.

The last thing that makes it a great tool in the classroom is the reading view. It allows you to see just the article and accompanying images without all the extra guff from the website.

But you have to be careful reading view doesn’t always work with every website

Use in the classroom

So how can pocket be used in the classroom? Well it is a great tool for students to use when working on research projects whether with multiple people or by yourself. It lets your students collect articles, videos etc that may be useful for their project. It also can be used by teachers to collect information that may be relevant to a lesson and then share it with their students. Sharing is where pocket stumbles a little bit. Although you can share saved items it can only be done through the iOS or Android apps. You also are not able to share entire lists through pocket.

In terms of the SAMR model pocket would fit either in modification or augmentation. It really depends on how the students or teachers use it. If it is just a save for later service for research it would fit within the modification degree. However using it to add depth and info to a lesson in conjunction with other technology and your teaching puts it into the augmentation degree.

If you are interested in Pocket you can create an account here as well as learn more.

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