Hello World!

There are a lot of resources out there for coding. From YouTube to Udemy to Google, Microsoft and other tech companies tutorials. The first part of my learning project was deciding where I wanted to start with learning. After taking a look around I decided that it would make the most sense to start with developing an Android App instead of a website. The reason for this is there are quite a few resources such as Squarespace or Wix that let you build websites without coding that look very professional. For this reason I decided to learn how to develop and Android App. I am starting with the Android Developers tutorial call Build your first app.

Working off of this tutorial I had to download Android Studio which is the code editor where I will work through the different tutorials and apps that I am going to work on. Android Studio is called an IDE which stands for Integrated Development Environment. Basically this is a bunch of software tools all in one program that make it easy to write code and test your projects. Android Studio is one and Microsoft Visual Studio Code is another. This is a good example of the beginning of coding you need to learn a lot of the language. That was what took up most of this week. Learning that the XML file is what defines the apps UI (user interface). This is where you decide where the buttons are located, the animations that happen when you press the buttons, how text is formatted along with a host of other things. After gaining some of an understanding it was time to run Android Studio and get into some code.

It looks complicated but it’s actually pretty easy. It has three windows with the one on the far right showing a preview of what the app will look like when it has finished compiling all the code. The middle window is where you edit, add or remove the code. This is your main work area where you would spend most of your time. The far left window shows you all the different files for your app. Thin of it like file explorer in Windows where you can see all your files and the folders within folders of your files.


After a lot of hard work I now have an app that says Hello World! Honestly a little anticlimactic but still a good start! It’s nice to know that at the very least I am able to code something. Although this is just the start I already feel a little sense of accomplishment.

Next week: Learning how to build a user interface and make an app look pretty.

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