Who am I?

My name is Corey McCowan and I am a BEAD student in the faculty of Education at the University of Regina. I plan to become a biology teacher since my previous degree is in biology and to instill in my students the love for science that I have. I have an open water scuba diving license which means I can scuba dive anywhere in the world and one day hope to scuba dive with whales.

Mom and calf humpback whales make their way toward the surface in Tonga.
Photo Credit: Michael Zeigler Flickr via Compfight cc


In addition to Scuba Diving I am also involved with Science Fairs. I am currently serving as the chair of the Regina Regional Science Fair and help organize or chaperone kids to the Canada Wide Science Fair. The Canada Wide Science Fair is a week long event that has students from across the country compete and present their projects. For more information about the event visit their website.

Technology in the Classroom

I have a little experience with educational technology just not in an education setting. I am familiar with slack having used it before as well as WordPress having made several websites already with it. I have a passing familiarity with Google Classroom. What I have the most experience with is Microsoft Whiteboard. This is a really cool app that gives you a digital whiteboard for your computer, tablet or phone. It allows you to draw on it using your finger, stylus or Apple Pencil. As well it lets the kids view it on their own devices. It gives kids the ability to go back and see what you wrote before as well as to copy at their own pace as they can see the whole whiteboard. This is a great tool to use so that students are able to learn at their own pace.

If you are interested in checking out this cool and very useful application go to the whiteboard website.


I am personally not a blogger. I believe that blogging needs to be done deliberately and with care and most of the time is overused because it is an easy way to integrate technology into the classroom. This goes beyond just blogging but it needs to have a reason to be integrated and not just used for the sake of itself. I believe that it us just one of the tools that educators have and they should use it appropriately and deliberately.

2 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. Hey Corey! Thanks for the whiteboard resource. It seems like a really great tool, and is something I will definitely remember to look into!


  2. Hi Corey, thanks for sharing about yourself, I find it very interesting that you have your scuba diving license! Great job on being involved in regional and national science fairs. I still remember a couple of science fair projects I did many years ago.


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