In the Beginning

I have always been interested in technology I enjoy reading about technology as well as understanding how things work. A part of that has taken me to my current part time job at Geek Squad.

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Since I have an interest in technology I have decided that my learning project will be learning to code a progressive web app or PWA and an Android App. Progressive web apps are quickly becoming popular and will most likely replace apps to some degree. I have wanted to learn how to code for a while and the learning project is a good kick in the butt to get started on it. the reason I want to learn to code both is to understand the differences between the two as well as to gain more experience with coding in general.

The Plan

My current plan is to follow Google’s codelabs tutorial and the Android Developer Training. The reason I have chosen this is because Google is one of the main companies pushing forward with PWA in addition to Microsoft and other developers. Additionally this tutorial is easy to follow and broken in to 14 chunks that I can work on. The other reason is they are very accessible and easy to follow. In addition to that I will be taking the basics I have learned in each course and trying to expand upon them using other tutorials and YouTube videos. I do not have any specific ideas for that yet as it will depend on what feature or API I am learning. I also would like to learn how to use Github which is a repository for people to upload their projects and other people to contribute. Additionally I want to delve more into the open source community. Open source means code that is developed so that the whole world is able to see and contribute. How-To-Geek has a really nice overview of what open source is.

My goal is to learn how to code a functional web app by the end of the course and to upload the code on that web app to Github so it can be viewed and changed by the open source community.

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